Chaos Communication Congress rc3: NOWHERE 2021

Chaos Communication Congress rc3: NOWHERE 2021

events Dec 21, 2021
Welcome to FPV - ccc rc3 2021

I am happy to announce that I will be holding a talk at this year's Chaos Communication Congress rc3 (Dec. 27th – 30th, 2021). Unfortunately, the event will not be taking place in Leipzig due to the virus I will not name. However, all the talks are being streamed online for free. After the congress has started, you can access the streams here in real time. My talk will go live on the 29th of December at 11:00pm. It is being hosted by ChaosZone.

My abstract:

Let's mesh 3d printing, electronics and software hacking into one discipline, strap a set of video goggles to our heads like we're getting ready to to do battle in the TRON universe, jump into a virtual cockpit and fly at speeds over 180-200kmh. Welcome to FPV!

Make sure to get your ticket: They are free, however, I highly encourage you make a donantion and buy a "supporter ticket". With a supporter ticket, you decide the price you want to pay. Although a ticket is not required to view the live streams, ticket holders get an account and access to additional content. See you soon.

You can download a PDF copy of all my slides from the presentation from the link above.