#NanoLongRange + Insta360 Go

nanolongrange May 31, 2021

I am more than happy with the #NanoLongRange DIY drone. It is amazing little device and has definitely exceeded all my expectations. It flies for 15-20 minutes depending on the battery, is driven by a single 18650 cell, the frame is 3D printed and can reach distances of a few kilometers. I have even added a few extra features to it, including a GPS module and return to home functionality in case I lose signal. I you are interested in building your own, checkout out my build guide.

This is indeed a great drone, however there is one small problem - the DVR video quality is nothing to brag about. I want to see my flights in full on high definition quality. In order to solve that problem, we're going to strap an Insta360 Go camera (version 1), to this little drone. Will it fly? Let's find out!

Camera Mount Design

When designing the camera mount I kept the following requirements in mind:

  1. Securely hold the Insta360 Go Camera and the GPS module.
  2. Be extremely light
  3. Avoid camera wiggle (jello)
  4. Offer the camera some protection in case of a crash.
  5. Keep the props out of view of the camera

insta360 go GPS TPU mount

You can download the files directly from my Thingiverse Page and print the mount yourself. I have created three different versions of this mount:

  1. Insta360 Go and GPS mount
  2. Single Insta360 Go mount
  3. Single GPS mount

You can choose and print the option that best suites your situation. Printing the mount is straightforward. I used green TPU with 100% infill. I suppose the mount could be made lighter with a lower infill percentage.

Video & Brief History Lesson

I have uploaded a video documenting my flight with the insta360 Go camera. To test this camera mount, I went to the Friedensberg Monument. Built in 1929, this is a monument to the fallen soldiers of World War I. Unfortunately, is has been badly vandalized and is in a bad state of disrepair. Regardless, this site is surrounded by a beautiful park almost directly in the middle of town. Before being named the "Friedensberg" or "Mountain of Peace", it was known as "Galgenberg" or "Gallows Mountain". Up until the 18th century, this site was used for executions where criminals were publicly hanged.

The monument in the middle is inscribed with the following: "Die Toten der Kriege mahnen zum Frieden" - "The dead of wars, urge for peace". Definitely words that should not be forgotten.